Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy lawyer?

Posted by Lee StringhamAug 15, 20140 Comments

In today's day and age, Americans are subject to more messages encouraging spending than ever before. On television, internet videos, magazines, books, storefront windows, billboards and beyond, we are given distinct messages that support the idea that you need to purchase, and while this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as this is how our economy operates and stays afloat, when there's little incentive to save, people often find themselves in tough financial situations.

The problem lies in the fact that nobody is telling Americans to save their money, and with good reason. Spending stimulates the economy, and when the economy thrives, so does America, so we spend out hard-earned dollars as an effort to invigorate our economic situation. But when we overspend, or overinvest, or overextend our capabilities and neglect to put away money as well as spend it, we can often find ourselves quickly overcome by crushing financial insecurity.

The moment you make your first car payment, you've entered into a cycle of perpetual debt that's extremely difficult to escape, and while most maintain a certain level of comfort – enough to keep their head out of the water – a sudden accident can quickly render an entire family fiscally under and incapable of making vital payments.

Luckily, built into our legal body, we, as a country, have an easier solution for those who've fallen into debt, and are being harassed by creditors and their assets threatened to be repossessed: bankruptcy.

Declaring bankruptcy is perhaps the easiest way of climbing out of debt, while still being able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but it isn't as simple as making a statement to a judge, and having your credit debts erased. There are several different types of bankruptcy, called chapters, available, each with their own types of pros and cons. On top of that, there's countless paper to file, tax returns, bank statements to prove that you cannot afford to pay your debts and more, and going into the bankruptcy process alone can often result in worse conditions than before.

This is the reason that bankruptcy lawyers across the country, such as John A. Hixson, offer expert legal aid to anyone who may be considering bankruptcy. Based in Arlington, TX, John A. Hixson, Attorney at Law has been providing expert legal counsel to those filing bankruptcy and protecting the rights of those in the midst of the process for over two decades, and has been responsible for assisting thousands of Americans find their way through overwhelming debt.

With the aid of a professional bankruptcy lawyer like John A. Hixson, you will receive every right you should be awarded during the entire bankruptcy process such as legal protection against your creditors from repossessing your assets, or generally harassing you, your loved ones or your place of business. Call John A. Hixson today and schedule a consultation to see how you can best proceed through debt, and have your debt cleared with ease under the legal protection of John A. Hixson, attorney at law.