The Incredible Resourcefulness of Obtaining Power of Attorney in Arlington

Posted by Lee StringhamFeb 26, 20160 Comments

Life can be hard sometimes and tough to understand. Sometimes, when things seem to be going just right or when even they feel like they can't get any worse, life has a way of throwing extremely unexpected and unfortunate circumstances into our laps. In one such circumstance, a loving, happy husband was on his way home to his wife and three children. A careless driver went through a red light and ended up crashing into the man's car. He wound up in the hospital in a coma. What happened during this tragic experience is a vital lesson in how defining power of attorney can help loved ones, like this man's family, escape the burdens of the extra stressors on top of the gravity of the situation he was in.

The man's estranged brother came into the picture. He was not a close family member of the man was all but close to his family. He claimed to have the right to choose what the man wanted to do with his medical decisions and financial decisions, in regard to a pending inheritance they would both split. The brother apparently had vested interests outside of wanting what was best for his brother's family. The ensuing heartbreaking battle between the man's family and his brother was intolerable and deeply traumatic for them. On top of that, they had to cope with the potential loss of their father, who, fortunately, woke out of his coma in time to put an end to the mounting legal dispute between his brother and his wife. He eventually went on to recover, and one of the first measures they took once he was back on his feet was to appoint his wife medical and financial powers of attorney.

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