Sometimes It’s Easier With a Small Estate Affidavit in Arlington

Posted by Lee StringhamFeb 12, 20160 Comments

Bill's father, Dale, was a simple man. He did not chase the world's riches, nor did he frivolously spend and leave his descendants with an enormous debt in his wake. He rented out a humble apartment, lived well within his means, and managed to save up a bit, leaving behind a savings account with a balance of about $27,000. There wasn't much he left behind other than fond memories and a sense of how to navigate the world with a positive outlook.

Several months had passed by, and the notices continued to come in from his father's rent payments. Bill decided it was time to face his sorrows and take action on his dad's small estate. That is when he decided to seek the help of an attorney in Arlington who could help him accomplish just that. A small estate affidavit requires that 30 days have passed since the death of his father, there were no other pending or granted petitions by anyone else to be his personal representative, and the value of his father's estate did not exceed $50,000. Bill was able to settle his father's estate and receive the inheritance of what was left behind with relative ease.

At Hixson Law Firm, we feel it is imperative to enlist the help of our attorney who specialize in securing small estate affidavits in Arlington. This is to officiate the affidavit properlyn and avoid any bankers, lenders, or outside interests who may not know the process. It will also avoid the a risk of creating unnecessary or unfair complications.

Hixson Law Firm is proud to offer our services throughout Texas, including the great cities of Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield. Contact us today and let us help you resolve this issue so that you may comfortably and securely close this chapter of your life.