Rebuild Your Life with The Help of a Texas Debt Relief Attorney

Posted by John A. HixsonDec 23, 20190 Comments

Becoming mired in debt is not uncommon during these challenging economic times. Many of us have high credit card balances and may also be behind on car payments or mortgage payments.  It only takes one serious illness, accident, or job loss to change an average person's financial picture and turn it into something grim. If this is happening to you, you may want to learn more about debt management and relief. Talking to a debt relief attorney from the Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas is a great place to start. Our financial experts work with clients who are in debt every day and are familiar with the many options available for debt consolidation and relief.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy may be a good solution for some debt situations, it's not an automatic solution to all. Filing for bankruptcy will usually negatively affect your credit and may even, depending on the type, require that you liquidate many of your possessions, including your home. However, there are alternatives to bankruptcy. If you have credit card debt, talking with the credit card company or with a professional credit counseling and consolidation service may make it possible for you to reduce your payments and get back on track. However, if you do decide that bankruptcy is the right choice for you, a debt relief attorney from the Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas can help you effectively file for the bankruptcy type that works best for you.

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If you have accumulating debt and are in need of assistance, call to schedule a free consultation with a Texas debt relief attorney today. The professional legal staff at Hixson Law Firm has over two decades of experience helping clients effectively deal with debt relief. We serve the cities of Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie, Texas and are dedicated to serving business owners like you. Call us at (817) 261-5000 and let us help you get back on your financial feet.