Making It Through An Inheritance Dispute in Arlington

Posted by Lee StringhamMar 04, 20160 Comments

Earnest was very close to his grandmother. While he was in high school, he used to spend many of his afternoons going over to her house and share tea and some stories with her. His memories of her from his early childhood are fond, but a bit vague when compared to those many special moments he shared with her in his adolescence. She listened to him vent about the trivialities from his days in high school and offered him invaluable bits of advice as he continued his journey into adulthood. Sadly, during his sophomore year in college, his weekly phone call to his grandmother was not answered. He called his mother and found out the news that would change his world and break his heart. She was no longer here to share this lifetime with him.

When the day came that he was informed of a probate process in which he would be inheriting some of her personal items, he was humbled and appreciative. He had spent so much time with her that it did not come to a surprise to him that she decided to think of him before her time had come. What did come as a surprise to him was the tumultuous inheritance dispute that followed.

Apparently, some of his uncles and aunts were not aware that he had such a close connection with their mother and they were extremely shocked to find out that Earnest was determined to be the inheritor of some of his grandmother's more valuable possessions. They felt it was unfair and were determined to get what they perceived was a fairer share of her estate.

Situations like this happen all too often in Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield. Families and loved ones face seemingly insurmountable battles in the process of determining who inherits what when a family member passes on. The best way to resolve inheritance disputes in Arlington is to enlist the professional and experienced guidance of the Hixson Law Firm. Our services are available throughout Texas, including Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield.