What to look for in a top bankruptcy law firm

Posted by John A. HixsonFeb 15, 20180 Comments

There is no shortage of attorneys and law firms who can offer to assist you with the processes and details of filing bankruptcy. With so many choices, you need to set certain criteria to help you narrow your choices down before making a final decision. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Hire a true bankruptcy expert

While most any attorney can handle a bankruptcy, you will gain an added edge by hiring an attorney or law firm that has regular experience in bankruptcy cases. You should ask what percentage of a lawyer's practice is dedicated to bankruptcies and pay attention to whether or not they advertise as a generalist instead of as a bankruptcy expert. You need to find someone who limits their practice to exactly the kind of help you need.

Find an attorney that is personally involved in your case

The flip side of finding an expert or a specialized firm is that sometimes, those firms become bankruptcy mills. Some firms use paralegals to do much of the work in for bankruptcy cases, and this can be a red flag to pay attention to if you go to an initial consultation and don't meet with an actual attorney. A high volume practice is likely to do shoddy and superficial work at best.

Find an attorney that belongs to the NACBA

To confirm that you are working with an attorney who specializes in bankruptcies, check to see if they belong to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. It is a well-respected and consumer focused bankruptcy organization that will add a much higher degree of credibility to any attorney you are considering. Once you find a NACBA member in your area, check your state's bar website to see if they're certified for bankruptcy. The certification means they have been practicing law for a minimum number of years and spend at least half of his or her time working on bankruptcy cases, they have also been peer reviewed and have passed a written examination.

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