Finding a Foreclosure attorney

Posted by Lee StringhamAug 15, 20140 Comments

Nobody steps through the door of their home when they purchase it and think that one-day, they may be unable to pay for it. Typically, countless hours go into planning to take out a home loan, and blood, sweat and tears are shed accumulating the information required for the approval of a loan of this magnitude. John A. Hixson, a professional foreclosure attorney based out of Arlington TX, knows as well as any that a person's home is their safe haven; their impenetrable fortress, and not only is it tragic when a lender files a foreclosure against your living space, but it can also be a serious detriment to you, and your family's lives.

There are several lines of defense that you may be eligible for as a means of preventing foreclosure on your home. Obviously, none of them are optimal, but they may bide you enough time to save your home from being repossessed or sold off by your creditors. Obviously, these cases are handled largely on a subjective basis, as every homeowner has a different situation and different means of paying off their home loans. There are several prominent methods of preventing home foreclosure, but the most used is the filing of bankruptcy, as properly filing bankruptcy places an automatic stay on all of your assets, including your home, which prevents lenders from repossessing it for the duration of your bankruptcy procedure.

To stop foreclosure, you must act quickly! You are commonly only given 21 days from the date of filing of the foreclosure to prevent your home from being repossessed. Call John A. Hixson, attorney at law today and start the process of preventing your creditors and loaners from taking away your home through bankruptcy!

There is a great deal that goes into filing for bankruptcy as a means of stopping a foreclosure or repossession on your home, or other assets you may have that are also being threatened by creditors. You will need to take inventory of what you own, as well as your accounts and debts, as well as take a number of debt management classes in order to be eligible for bankruptcy, but once you are qualified, little can be done by your creditors to proceed in reclaiming your home or other possessions. John A. Hixson can quickly make the abundance of paperwork you will need to fill out seem much more manageable, as well as protect you from legal advances to prove your claims of bankruptcy false, made by your creditors, loaners or court appointed trustee.

So if you're facing foreclosure with no realistic alternative in sight, call John A. Hixson today, and schedule a completely free, no obligation consultation to assess your situation and to see what attorney Hixson can do for you. There might even be unforeseen conditions wherein you can make a legal claim that your foreclosure is unconstitutional, but you'll never know until you call John A. Hixson and schedule your consultation, and take the first step toward stopping foreclosure. Act today!