Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer who Works for You

Posted by Lee StringhamAug 15, 20140 Comments

Bankruptcy law is complex and touchy process, and remains one of the most intricate fields of civil law to date. If you're considering embarking on the process of declaring bankruptcy as a means of climbing out of debt, then you should be aware of the fact that this is not a simple procedure, and that there are many ways in which an individual or business can make a mistake during the process that might annul the whole thing. In cases of bankruptcy, time is money, and more than money, it can cause property and assets to be repossessed by creditors, harassment, heartbreak and a drastic change in lifestyle.

If you're debating bankruptcy as a viable option to escape debt, then you should hire a bankruptcy lawyer to guide and protect you through the process, as well as make you aware of the subtleties of the bankruptcy court proceedings. But how do you find a bankruptcy lawyer? Well, you can do your homework, check client reviews, peruse success rates, check attorney rating sites or more, but what ultimately matters when it comes to bankruptcy lawyers is experience. Each case of bankruptcy is highly subjective, and very dependant on a number of factors, including available assets, median income and more, and is very much a case by case basis. Experience, meaning years of practice in the field of bankruptcy rewards an attorney with experience in different, highly unique situations, and accustoms them to dealing with certain situations that may arise during the process.

Bankruptcy happens for a variety of reasons, and there seems no true common thread between those filing for it except that they have, for one reason or another, found themselves incapable of paying of preexisting debts and are biding time while watching more debts pile up. John A. Hixson boasts an momentous 20 years of practice in the field of bankruptcy law, during which, he has seen all sorts of cases, from individuals stricken will illness, all the way to families of five or more who have found that they cannot afford their mortgage, and face financial ruin. Whatever your situation is, John A. Hixson can help.

Call attorney Hixson today, and get the ball rolling on your bankruptcy filing process. Together, you will discuss which bankruptcy process will work out best for your needs. Are you a family or an isolated individual? Who else will be affected by your bankruptcy? Which of your assets are legally able to be secured? All of these are important questions, and if you hire John A. Hixson to defend your rights in front of a bankruptcy court, they can all be answered today!

So pick up your phone now, and call us to schedule a free consultation with no obligation, where you will be able to speak with a professional bankruptcy lawyer with over twenty years of hands on experience working in the Texas legal system. Help is only a phone call away! Call now!