Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by Lee StringhamAug 15, 20140 Comments

If you've suddenly found yourself unable to pay mounting bills, which is resulting in constant harassment and repossession attempts (and perhaps even successes,) then you may want to consider bankruptcy as a viable option for salvaging your finances and assets as a means of preventing creditor greed from negatively impacting your life and your livelihood. Quite simply, bankruptcy is perhaps the easiest way to ensure that you and your family remain protected from angry creditors, and is a fairly straightforward process so long as you get the proper legal aid.

What compels people to charge into a bankruptcy without a plan is beyond us, but time and time again, we see people try and inevitably fail to meet the strict deadlines, take proper inventory of assets and account; or worse: file improperly, which some courts may see as a criminal offence. People who attempt to navigate the bankruptcy courts by themselves are often shocked at the weight of it all. You will need to fill out a great deal of paperwork, take an honest and throughout stock of what you own, and then submit this paperwork before a strict deadline.

Creditors are rarely lenient with their policies, and the courts that deal with finances are under constant pressure to enforce their policies as well, which results in a highly empirical, systematic setting where there is little room for fault. This is why it's best to bring along a guide, in the form of legal aid, and there are few more qualified attorneys to assist you in your chapter 7 bankruptcy than Arlington's John A. Hixson.

For over 20 years, attorney Hixson has been assisting individuals just like your self in completing successful bankruptcies that cause minimum intrusion into the lives of his clients and their families. Calling today and hiring John A. Hixson as your legal defendant against creditors and bankruptcy court insures that you will quickly be briefed on the different types of bankruptcy, and gently be allowed to decide which of these is best for you and your situation.

We've found that the majority of those filing for bankruptcy choose a chapter 7 filing, which is a specific chapter of bankruptcy that is commonly referred to as “straight liquidation.” It is a quick process that, after filing, will grant your assets and possessions to a court appointed trustee, who will then sell those assets and possessions that are unsecured as a means of collecting collateral for your debts, and repaying your creditors.

So if you're considering filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy in or near Arlington, TX, then look no further than John A. Hixson, attorney at law to guide you through the process. Picking up your phone and calling right now ensures that you're getting the ball rolling on your chapter 7 bankruptcy case as quickly as possible, and is always the best way of protecting your assets and possessions, and in turn: your life. Call now to schedule a completely free, zero obligation consultation and see how easy it can be to file bankruptcy and climb out of debt with professional legal assistance.