How do I rebuild my credit?

Posted by Lee StringhamJan 23, 20170 Comments

To get back to good credit, you need to get a credit card, a $1000 CD, and/or use one of our Faith-based credit repair associates.

1) Make a list of, at most, 10 local banks and then call each one, tell them that you have filed bankruptcy, received your discharge and would like to apply for new credit. Ask if they could qualify you for an unsecured credit card. If not, ask if they can give you a secured credit card in which you put $500 into a savings account and have a credit card with a $500 limit. (Most people get a couple credit card offers in the mail, however, you may have to pay $139.00 application fee to get a $300.00 credit card. If you cannot get a credit card from a local bank, a $300.00 credit card can get you something that you really need.)

Verify that the account will be reported to the credit agencies. The way to do this is to ask the company which credit agencies will report the credit line: Experian, Equifax and or TransUnion. Then check your three credit reports two months later to verify.

Use it. Charge gasoline, or something you have to buy anyway, every month. Use the card (even if only for one purchase) and pay it down each month to $5 – but keep a running balance of 5 dollars on the card at all times! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BUILDING YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

When you have saved up $1000, go to your bank and get a $1000 CD. Then borrow $1000 using the CD as collateral. Put the $1000 in a savings account and pay back the CD monthly using the savings.

2) Use one of our local, faith-based credit repair associates and you can have greatly improved credit in 6 months! Talk to them right after you are discharged! – they do FREE consultations: (1) you get educated about building your credit (2) you get a free credit evulation with no obligation and (3) then you can decide when/if it would be the right time to use them to build your credit score.

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