Best Foreclosure Attorney in Arlington

Posted by Lee StringhamAug 15, 20140 Comments

If you've received a notice that a creditor whom you have not paid is attempting to foreclose your home or property, it's time to act quickly! Delaying upon dealing with your foreclosure could result in the permanent loss of your property, and can leave you homeless. Debtor's generally have 21 days to take action against a foreclosure being filed before they become powerless over the situation: don't become an unfortunate statistic! Pick up your phone right now and call John A. Hixson, a professional foreclosure and bankruptcy attorney operating out of, and serving Arlington, and surrounding Texas communities.

You might be wondering how exactly one fights a legal battle against a foreclosure, especially if you're one of those property owners who simply can't pay their bills for one reason or another. Unfortunately, but comfortingly, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of hard working Americans are more and more often finding that they simply cannot afford to pay the ever-rising price of their loans. Sometimes, this is due to sudden emergency like conditions. Car accidents, and sudden illnesses can often put a family so far in debt that climbing back out seems impossible. These situations are absolutely tragic, and if this is your case, our heart goes out to you, but don't expect a creditor or loaner to understand your situation, regardless of how tragic it may be.

The truth is that these companies are unsympathetic and vicious in their attempts to make sure that they are paid their full amount, and make no mistake: they will do anything in their power to make this happen. Meet their viciousness with expert legal counsel from John A. Hixson, a professional bankruptcy attorney with over two decades of experience helping people facing foreclosure situation, just like you.

You might ask how declaring bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure action dead in it's tracks, and that answer comes with the ‘automatic stay,' which is a binding legal protective measure that automatically places all of your belongings, assets, property and automobiles under government protection. An automatic stay goes into effect as soon as you file your paperwork, so it's best to waste no time in applying for bankruptcy! Call attorney Hixson today, and receive his tried and true experience dealing with both bankruptcy and foreclosure cases immediately.

A great deal goes into filing for bankruptcy, and while it's worth it, it takes time. You will need to take stock of all of your assets and accounts, as well take several debt management classes before you're eligible for the automatic stay to be placed on your home, and your foreclosure to be prevented.

Whatever your case, and however you got there, John Hixson works for you. Pick up your phone now and schedule a completely free, no obligation and no pressure consultation with attorney Hixson, and discover how twenty years of bankruptcy law experience can help you stop a foreclosure dead in it's tracks and save your home from repossession. Call now, and get a chance to pull yourself out of debt before it's too late!