An attorney may be able to help you with a loan modification

Posted by John A. HixsonDec 07, 20170 Comments

For many people, obtaining a loan modification usually involves working with a loan broker to find the best possible financing deal. However, there are instances when it makes sense to retain the services of an experienced loan modification attorney to walk you through the necessary steps while protecting your financial interests.

Why you should consider a loan modification

When a lender modifies a mortgage, they are agreeing to change some aspect of the existing loan. This might include lowering the interest rate, forgiving part of the outstanding principal, extending the length of the loan or changing other possible parameters. The goal for the homeowner is to get a lower monthly payment or create more favorable repayment terms.

How an attorney can help

Many people go through the loan modification process with few or no problems. But an attorney can be a powerful ally if a homeowner is experiencing one or more of these issues:

  • Income has decreased since taking out the original mortgage
  • The home is under water, meaning that the value of the home has decreased and is now worth less than the balance of the current loan
  • The homeowner is locked into a high interest rate
  • There has been a change in the homeowner's finances due to medical problems, unemployment, divorce or other challenging life situation

Because a loan modification attorney is well versed in lending laws and works with lenders on an ongoing basis, they will be able to bring additional solutions to the table and work with a lender who will be the most sympathetic and have lending standards that will give you the best possible chance at a favorable loan modification.

In those instances where a loan modification may not be possible, an attorney may still be able to help maximize the value of a home by assisting the homeowner in completing a short sale or by exploring bankruptcy as a means of keeping the home.

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