A Top Bankruptcy Law Firm in Texas Can Make a Difference When You’re in Financial Trouble

Posted by John A. HixsonApr 27, 20200 Comments

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our plans fall apart and we can wind up in financial distress. With people working harder than ever to make ends meet, any unexpected event, like a job loss or illness, can throw a wrench into a budget. But life doesn't stop for us, and we still need a place to live, a means of transportation, and food to eat. If you're overwhelmed with debt, afraid of losing your home, or concerned about your failing business, talking with a professional from a top bankruptcy law firm in Texas can make a difference. The Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas has over twenty years of experience working with clients in financial distress and is dedicated to helping you find solutions that work for you.

Why People Choose Bankruptcy   

Bankruptcy is a financial option that can serve several purposes. If someone has so much debt that there's no way it can be paid off, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides a way to liquidate the assets involved and start on a clean slate. If all that is needed is a way to restructure debts so that they can be paid off over an extended period of time with smaller monthly payments, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent option. For business owners, filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the best solution to move forward. Whatever your situation, the legal staff at the Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas is here to give you legal advice you can trust.

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