A Top Bankruptcy Attorney in Arlington

Posted by Lee StringhamAug 15, 20140 Comments

If you're considering bankruptcy as a personal or business option for climbing out of the American debt trap, then there are a few things you should know before even filling out the bankruptcy application. For starters, there are several distinct types of bankruptcy that you may qualify for, each with their own pros and cons, length allocation and application process.

By hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, such as John A. Hixson, attorney at law, you give yourself the most optimum care, protections and guidance in the bankruptcy process. Charging recklessly headfirst into a bankruptcy court can lead to serious problems, and it's best to enter these cases with the guidance of a professional, top bankruptcy attorney like John A. Hixson.

From the get go, you will understand why people have been employing the expertise of attorney Hixson for their financial and bankruptcy related cases for over twenty four years, and from the moment you enter his office, you will be filled with an invigorated hope and courage that reinforces the idea that life goes on after bankruptcy.

More than most, John Hixson understands that life doesn't always go as planned, and that most Americans simply aren't prepared to deal with unexpected crises, such as financial or medical emergencies, legal and criminal cases and the bills that come attached to these things. As unavoidable bills arise, we become far more susceptible to failing to pay our creditors and call under into debt: It's remarkable how quickly this can get out of hand.

Chances are that if you're one of the million American's who hasn't or just can't afford to be putting money aside, and you've found that something has made it difficult to pay back your creditors, then you may qualify for bankruptcy, but only a professional bankruptcy attorney or a bankruptcy court can truly tell you. Call John A. Hixson today and schedule a free, zero obligation consultation, where you will get a chance to speak with Attorney Hixson without putting down any money.

Should John Hixson believe it's a good idea to proceed with a bankruptcy, the two of you will sit down and discuss bankruptcy plans and chapters, and which of these you may qualify for. Once it is decided upon, you will begin filling out paperwork and taking an inventory per the application process, as well as attend several debt management classes that are required by law to be taken prior to be approved for bankruptcy.

Upon successfully filing for bankruptcy, which means you will have completed the above steps, an automatic stay will be placed on your accounts and assets, which prevents creditors from seizing or repossessing them from you for the duration of the proceedings, so it's highly suggested that you jump aboard and get moving with the process right away.

Remember, with the help of an expert bankruptcy attorney, it is possible to climb out of debt, and once again live a lifestyle free of harassment and fear of repossession and foreclosure. Call John A. Hixson today, and take the first step towards taking your life back.